Number 4

¿Why are numbers important in a child’s development?

Numbers help children have a sense of order. At first, it seems as if they are only reciting them, but as they grow up, numbers help them understand hierarchy, order, first and last, greater to minor, etc. Knowing the numbers help kids have a strong base for when they grow older and start learning subtraction, addition, multiplication, etc. Some researchers say that learning numbers at the early stages of life helps kids develop a more critical way of thinking, as well as reasoning. 


Activity #1: Worksheet

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The child will start by coloring the four ducks with crayons. Then, using the finger-paint he/she will have to trace the number four. To finish, using a pencil, they will start by tracing number four, and then doing it 2-3 times more by themselves. 



Activity #2: Playdough matts





•Playdough matts



The matts can be from 1 to 4. The child will have to trace the numbers using play dough. This will help them with their fine motor skills and heir knowledge of numbers. 




Activity #3: Butterfly counting











The child will have to color the flower and butterflies using paint and q-tips. It is also for the child to trace the number four on the left top corner. He/she will then have to cut the butterflies and put them around the flower. 


Activity #4: Number Ice-cream fun






• Color Pompoms

•Small Triangles with the numbers form 1 to 4


•Big plastic tweezers

•White sheet of paper



The child has to make «ice cream cones». In the white sheet of paper the triangles with the numbers are pasted. Then, he/she will take glue and place 1, 2, 3 or 4 small drops of glue, according to the corresponding triangle. The idea is that with the tweezers they will take the amount of pompons that correspond to the triangle and place them in the glue drops. 


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